In it for the Long Haul

Internationally recognised: The Heinz Nixdorf Recall Study aims to improve the prediction of cardiovascular diseases.

Good Killer Cells

Cellular immunotherapies instead of chemotherapy? New procedures offer hope in the treatment of cancer.

Please Treat Unequally

Women are not, biologically speaking, simply smaller and lighter men – an insight that is only gradually gaining influence.

One Health

How do antibiotic resistances spread? That’s the...

A Home for Microbes to Share

The young field of microbiome research studies...

Every Head is Different

Migraine is a widespread disease. And a...

The Pulse of Research

How do we stay healthy, and why...



Knocking on Doors for Science

How do Germans with an immigrant background...

In brief

A summary of key news.

Literature Enlivens Predictions

An alternative to mathematical models: Just Futures...

Got it? 

From Alexa to ChatGPT: New technologies are...

Up not Down

New buildings from old ones? A process for high-quality recycled cement can make it possible.

Raw Material for Research

More exchange: Computer science research aims to establish a new data culture. UDE is taking the lead in building up the infrastructure.


A Virus Against Cancer

Spun off: Custom-made viruses unleash the immune system on tumour cells. That’s the plan of Abalos Therapeutics GmbH.

Only Here

Knowledge between Covers