Future Water

Water is life – and can cause harm. A collaborative research group is dedicated to its many aspects.

The River Doctor

A river is suffering – ecologists have developed a tool to deliver potential therapies.

Studying the Future

Water management needs experts worldwide. The UDE...

The Environmental Specimen Bank

With more than 500,000 deep-frozen snapshots the...

Blue-green instead of Brown

Smart Green City: intelligent sensors signal when...

Under One Roof

Water research is currently spread across several...


Evolution or Revolution?

The new mobile telecoms standard is 5G. Work is already underway on the 6th generation, which will be several thousand times faster.

Close to Light Speed

Concrete in space: the ISS experiment aims to protect the environment – and enable building on the moon.


With ACTIVE SITES the UDE will get a new research building – where great things will happen.



Duisburg: A Hydrogen Hotspot

In future the hydrogen and fuel cell center ZBT GmbH in Duisburg will attract the who’s who of the hydrogen industry and research community.

AI on Prescription

Artificial Intelligence in SMEs: a lot is possible, but little is used. TamedAI is changing this.

Only With Us